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      "  Community of life  "  one of these days


The individual is no longer youthfully misshapen, but already (square) edged grown out of experience.

Conventions,  Upbringing have adapted and rounded individual life through and for community life.

The way of life remains open (above), for some it seems more open, for others less, but ultimately everyone has the same opportunity to open up and learn. But some are receptive to the top, some uptight and open to the side as a hindrance, but life never remains (closed) closed, there are constant influences from the environment, always "in one of these days".

Life in the community does not happen (parallel) contactless, but constantly in contact with the other, sometimes gently / lovingly touching, sometimes leaning on, sometimes  overlapping, sometimes unconventional, senseless, almost ruthlessly looking for any contact, sometimes rubbing, sometimes pushing (sometimes abutting, repulsive to breaking off, which is forbidden for aesthetic reasons for the total work of art).

This is our community in which the individual fates are welded together in "infinite indifference" or could it be divine, perceptive, guiding disposition?

This community of ours is also located on an unrefined, unadorned base
Foundation made of a wooden nature that does not appear smooth and secure. The stability is questionable, because the natural foundation shows cracks that threateningly reach into the interior.

In this situation, the individual lives with forbearance and humility - but not as fearful, belittling, or as  Denial of its own value, but in a realistic self-assessment of the knowledge and experience absorbed into its ring interior and can thus be a free-independent, own and  go self-confident life. 

(Based on the thoughts of Carsten Bachert on plastic humility)

Thoughts on sculpture by Carsten Bachert

by Georg Schleuning

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